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Fashion : Ordering glasses online - Ace & Tate

The past few years my eyes have been bugging me. I have a deskjob which mostly intales I sit behind a desk and look at my screen all day. Well actually two screens. Because I stare at my screen 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, my eyes become dry. They become even more dry when I constantly browse on my phone and check my social media. It's a bad habbit, I know. I try to cut back on spending time on my phone but It's a lot harder then I thought. Needless to say I can't cut back on screentime at work. I try to take breaks as often as I can but the damage has already been done. I normally have difficutlies looking a far but my eyesight for up close has also deteriorated. As a result my eyes dry out quickly as I try really hard to read the things on my screen. Which leads to itchy eyes. I promise you itchy eyes are the worst. Rubbing your eyes is bad and not so hygenic. So rubbing turned in to blinking. You can imaging that obsessive blinking is so tiresome and for the outside world might seem strange. My eyes can be so dry sometimes I can actually hear it when I blink. Long story short my eyedocter advised me to buy glasses to give my eyes some well deserved rest so they don't have to put in so much effort to read.

As I said already I have glasses to see from a far and eventhough I love them , they are a bit pricy. Because my new glasses are just behind my I had a more budget version in mind.

Ace & Tate offer affordable glasses that you can buy in store or online. You might wonder if it is wise to order glasses online. Well for those Debby doubters you can select a few models to try at home, 4 frames for 5 days. For those that already know what they want just need to fill in their own subscription online and that's pretty much it. Don't worry if you forget something, you can always contact customer service department. I already knew what I wanted and even though I was sceptic about ordering online I went for it anyway. You see the model I wanted was almost sold out, so I had to move quickly.

I got them pretty quick. A week or two after I ordered them. I am so happy with the results. It fits perfectly and it just looks exactly like I wanted. I couldn't be happier ! Don't you agree ?

PS: Did you know that with each purchase you're supporting a creative project ? More info about Ace & Tate x Creative fund click here.


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